Posted on October 10, 2018

Propane tanks cannot go in the regular garbage, but there's still convenient ways to dispose of them in a safe, smart way!  

One-pound propane cyllinders can be taken to Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off in Bondurant or Metro Northwest Transfer Station in Grimes (by appointment only) for $1 each.

Larger, 20-pound propane tanks such as those used on full-size grills are not accepted at either Hazardous Waste Drop-Off location, but can be taken to Ferrelgas in Des Moines. Additionally, many propane tank manufacturers offer propane exchange information on their website. 

Safe, Smart Disposal

Residents can bring partially full or full one-pound propane bottles to one of our Hazardous Waste Drop-Off locations. Empty or near empty cylinders are recycled, while bottles a quarter full or more go into our Swap Shop, where moderately used materials are made available to the public for free.

How Propane Cylinders are Recycled 

Empty or near empty one-pound cylinders are emptied first by using a special device to release and filter out unused propane. The process removes all hazardous material and the threat of explosion. The empty bottles are then recycled as scrap metal through a local company.

Small But Mighty

While these one-pound tanks seem small, they can leave quite an environmental footprint when disposed of improperly. Millions of the single-use propane bottles are used and tossed out annually. Camping equipment, grills, torches, and other devices rely on small propane tanks that are often left behind littering campgrounds and parks. In addition, if they are disposed of in the regular garbage, they pose a significant health and safety risk. Because the cylinders contain compressed gas, they have the potential to explode. Even cylinders that seem empty can have a small amount of propane inside. It’s always best to take used bottles to a hazardous waste drop-off site for proper disposal.