Posted on March 02, 2020

Many people don’t realize that common household cleaners, bug spray, and even some paints are hazardous waste and need to be disposed of with special care. Due to current public health recommendations, Metro Waste Authority’s regular drop-offs are currently closed. To continue serving the needs of residents for safe, smart hazardous waste disposal houseside collection is now available throughout the metro.

Houseside collection works like an amazon or grocery delivery. If you want to use the service, simply sign-up and Metro Waste Authority will come to you. The service is provided as-needed, you only pay if you choose to use it.

For a $25 fee, we'll deliver two 12-gallon plastic bins to fill with things like paint or lawn chemicals, and a large plastic bag for items that are too large for the bins such as computers, printers, or laptops. Check out our full list of accepted items!

Once your bins and bag are prepped, you can schedule collection by calling 515.244.0021. All you have to do is place your bins out by 8 AM.

If you are doing some long overdue cleaning while at home, items like electronic waste, fertilizer, CFLs, gasoline, sharps, and more can be disposed of through houseside hazardous waste collection.