Storms affect every city differently, for example sometimes only small sections of a town may experience severe damage. The cities in our service area follow Polk County Emergency Management's damage assessment guidelines for storm events. Those assessments allow the city to decide if routine collection is sufficient or if some areas warrant a special collection or drop-off event.

Special Collections

When a city is offering a special collection or drop-off event for residents due to a storm, information will be posted here. We also encourage you to check your city's website, as they may have more current information.

Previously scheduled special collections are also listed on our website's News section.

Routine Collection

In most events, cities will ask residents to use routine curbside collection to dispose of tree branches and brush bundles, as well as leaves

Logs, Stumps, Rocks, & Dirt
These items are not accepted in the curbside Compost It! program. Instead, these items can be self-hauled to Metro Park East Landfill.

Year-Round Drop-Offs

Yard waste is accepted year-round at our Metro Compost Center, located at Metro Park East Landfill, as well as Metro Park West Landfill for residents who don't want to cut branches down to size, or who want to expedite cleanup.