Metro Waste Authority manages asbestos in a special area of the landfill. It is buried in a segregated cell that is tracked and covered so it does not create any future emissions. Please help keep customers and staff safe by following the below criteria.

Acceptance Criteria

To ensure the safety of the hauler and our staff, please follow our acceptance criteria...

  • Handling - Whether material is suspected to contain asbestos or is confirmed asbestos contaminated waste, both must be packaged per handling requirements and are charged as such at $50/ton.
  • Call Ahead - Prior to delivery on the scheduled day, the hauler must call the scale house at Metro Park East or Metro Park West to confirm that site conditions allow for delivery of the asbestos. 
  • Acceptance hours - Monday-Friday 6:30 AM - 4:30 PM. Weather may impact special waste disposal, call ahead to verify at 515.967.2076
  • Paperwork - An Asbestos Shipment Form, signed by the generator and the hauler, must accompany the shipment upon arrival.
  • Arrival - Upon arrival at the scale house, the driver must advise the scale house staff they have an asbestos or asbestos containing materials scheduled delivery. 
  • Unloading - Under no circumstances can packaging be damaged during the unloading. Tipping of roll-off containers is the preferred method of disposal. 

  • On July 12, 1989 the US EPA issued a final rule banning most asbestos containing products.  As such, homes built after this date have less suspect Asbestos Containing Material (ACM).

    To protect our employees and customers, Metro Waste Authority requires suspect ACM and ACM material to be safely packaged prior to disposal. This includes ACM from residential structures that may not require such packaging.

    There are two options to confirm suspect ACM:

    Option #1
    Suspect ACM can simply be packaged and labeled as ACM.

    • Packing Requirements
      • All material must be double bagged
      • Bags must be:
        • 6-mil or greater when double (for example, each bag can be 3-mil, but material is double bagged)
        • Goose-necked before sealing (see pictures)
        • No larger than 42-gallon bagsbagged photo 2

    Option #2
    Suspect ACM can be tested to determine if it contains ACM. If it contains less than 1% ACM it can be disposed without special packaging. If it contains more than 1% ACM it needs to be specially packaged in accordance to the packing requirements above. 

    Companies that offer ACM testing:bagged photo 1

    • Techtron
      Samantha Bodnar | 515.639.8087
      2650 106th St., Suite 105
      Urbandale, IA 50322

    • Eurofins EMLab P&K
      Mike Deese | 317.376.5572 | mdeese@emlabpk.comBagged photo 3
      1815 West Diehl Rd., Suite 800
      Naperville, IL 60563 |

    • EMSL Analytical Inc.
      3410 Winnetka Ave.
      New Hope, MN 55427