Recycling isn't just for single-family homeowners. However, most apartments, condos, and townhomes are considered a "business" to local cities. Talk to your landlord, property manager, or homeowner's association to see how recycling is handled in your complex. If not offered, work with them to start a recycling program. Most cities have ordinances requiring apartments to offer recycling.

Start a Program – Starting a program at your apartment or condo is similar to starting one at your workplace. 

Visit a Drop-Off – These Recycling Drop-Offs accept the same household recyclables as Curb It!

RecycleMeIowa is a local company that offers apartment residents door-side collection.

Townhomes Can Vary...

Some townhome associations do participate in Metro Waste Authority’s curbside program, Curb It!, because they have a curb along city streets. How townhomes are served varies in each city. Ask your association or contact your city hall to see if you qualify. If you don't, start a discussion with your association to determine feasibility.