Posted on November 25, 2019

With the holiday season approaching, it’s fun to plan favorite dishes to share — appetizers, turkey, casseroles, cookies, pies. For some, it’s a time to bring out festive dish sets that add an extra spark of warmth for family and friends. For others, it’s the quick purchase of aluminum trays and pans so there's one less item to scrub in the kitchen sink.  
However, the latter is the one more item that ends up in the garbage. While you plan which dish to make this year, keep in mind that aluminum trays and pans are not recyclable. The holidays are a great time to think long-term. Throughout the year, have you ever wished you had that perfect pan with warming case to make transporting easier, or holiday drinkware to clink cheers? While you are being tasked to think about what you’d like for Christmas, consider less wasteful items to use for years to come. 
Disposable aluminum trays and pans are not the only holiday practice that contributes to excess garbage. From office parties to Christmas dinners, garbage cans are stuffed with paper plates, plastic cups, and napkins galore. Consider these tips: 
Take reusable shopping bags to grocery shop and transport dishes. 
They’re much sturdier than plastic. Leave a few in your car for those spur-of-the-moment stops. 

Use reusable tableware and cloth napkins.  
If you don’t have enough, request that a few people contribute theirs from home, or consider renting. 
Have a designated recycling container visible.  
Place a marked bin for recyclables, like bottles and cans, in a convenient place for guests to use. 
By following some of these party planning tips, your holiday is bound to be merry, GREEN and bright!