Holiday Recycling

It can be difficult to know what you can recycle, reuse, or throw in the garbage anytime during the year. However, the holidays bring more waste than normal, with some things we don't come across except this time of year. Below are some common holiday items and how to dispose of them.

Recycle in your cart
Non-Metallic Wrapping Paper & Cards
Catalogues & Junkmail
Beverage Bottles & Cans
Reuse/Donate (or trash)
Christmas Lights
Ribbons & Bows
Bubble Wrap & Packing Peanuts
Tissue Paper
Disposable Dishes
Plastic Shopping Bags
Aluminum Foil & Pans
Glass Baking Dishes & Cups

For even more tips on the disposal of holiday items, watch the video below. For example, some gift bags can be recycled while some belong in the garbage.