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    Learn more on why to toss them in loose!

The Tricky Six

Don't let 'em sneak
into your cart. 

These six types of materials don't go in your curbside recycling. However, many are recyclable. Use our Recycling & Disposal Guide to find the safe, smart options.

Location & Hours

The following are three main locations residents can drop-off items for safe, smart recycling and waste disposal. View our Holiday Hours & Closings.

Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off

1105 Prairie Drive SW
Bondurant, Iowa 50035
(515) 967-5512

More Info & Hours

Metro Park East Landfill

12181 University Avenue NE
Mitchellville, Iowa 50169
(515) 967-2076

More Info & Hours

Metro Recycling Center

1817 Euclid Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50313
(515) 265-5267

View Hours & Other Locations

Buy Turf Gold Compost

Retail Locations

Residents can purchase the Turf Gold Compost at these area businesses.

Want a Lush Lawn?  

Some landscape companies offer lawn application services. Learn about the benefits of compost give you a leg up for next spring.

Wholesale Purchasing

Those with large projects and the ability to haul four cubic yards, can buy bulk quantities from the Metro Compost Center. If you don't have hauling capability, look at our retail locations. Many offer hauling services as well.

Yard Waste

yard waste recycling

At the Curb

Yard waste was banned from the landfill and so most cities offer curbside collection through Compost It! Learn how your city provides this yard waste services.

At the Landfill

Residents can drop off yard waste and tree debris at Metro Park East and Metro Park West landfills, where it is composted.

Buy Compost

Yard waste is recycled and sold back to residents as compost - great for your plants, yard and garden. Learn where it's sold locally.

Recycling Guide

Confused about where to recycle or safely dispose of items? Here are some local options for where they should go.

Recycling Guide

Curbside Options

You can also dispose of items right at your curb through your garbage hauler. Most cities offer a Large-Item Sticker service. Learn how your cities offers this. Keep in mind, all items are landfilled with the exception of appliances.

Large Item & Extra Trash Stickers: When You Have Too Much Garbage

Have you ever found yourself with more bags of garbage than your cart will hold? Or, do you wonder how to get rid of that old sofa in your basement? We can help you get rid of garbage, appliances and other household items at the curb by using Large Item & Extra Trash Stickers. Watch our short video to see how you can participate. It's slick, it's easy and it's a bargain. 

Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.