Posted on September 25, 2023

Metro Recycling Facility is an investment metro communities made to serve residents, because we're committed to a sustainable future for recycling. Recently, we experienced a significant fire.

We take great pride in our facilities and the services we provide to the community. While we will repair the damage and are continuing to process recyclables from residents and businesses, we need your help as we get back on track.

Prevent Fires

We all play an integral role in keeping Central Iowa’s recycling program alive and robust, and what you put in your cart at home matters. When items that aren’t accepted make it to the facility, it can pose a great danger to the people who work at our locations and damage equipment.

Items like:

  • iPads, laptops, Roombas, or other electronics with rechargeable batteries are highly flammable.
  • Batteries from power tools, vacuums, and lawn tools are also flammable.
  • Chemicals like pepper spray or pesticides are dangerous to staff and can also cause fires.

If you’re ever in doubt about where an item belongs, check out our Recycling & Disposal Guide or call us at 515.244.0021.

Drop It Off

As we rebuild after the fire, we have reduced machine processing at Metro Recycling Facility. To reduce bulky material and keep our staff safe while we continue sorting recycling, utilizing our free cardboard and glass drop-offs would help! 

The drop-offs are free for anyone to use and are located across the metro. Many are even open 24/7!

Find the drop-off closest to you on our Recycling Drop-Offs page!