Posted on February 07, 2023

MRF Open Hours

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recycling after it leaves your curb? Come see for yourself at our state-of-the-art Metro Recycling Facility!

Metro Recycling Facility opened its doors just one year ago and has already had a big impact. At the facility, recyclables from your Curb It! cart and beyond are sorted into material types and sold to manufacturers, who turn them into new and exciting items.

One unique feature of the new facility is its expansive education center, now open to the public during weekly open hours! This space offers a little something for everyone:

  • Permanent Exhibit: Our permanent exhibit features kiosks, infographics, and an interactive sorting line where visitors of all ages can test their recycling knowledge. Finding yourself making some mistakes on the line? Explore the “Contamination Station” to learn more about what is and is not accepted in your recycling cart.
  • Activities for All Ages: If you’re feeling confident in your recycling abilities, challenge a friend to “Throw Where It Should Go,” a waste-sorting bag toss game. Those with little ones can hang out in our early childhood area, stocked with children’s books, toy trucks, coloring and activity pages, along with kid-sized hard hats and vests so even our littlest visitors can get properly suited up!
  • Observation Areas: The entire space overlooks the sorting floor, so visitors can watch the recycling sorting process in action.

Open hours are from 9:00-11:00 AM on Mondays and 1:00-3:00 PM on Tuesdays. Metro Recycling Facility is located at 4185 SE Beisser Drive, Grimes. 

While open hours are primarily a self-guided experience, a host is available to answer questions and take visitors onto the observation deck over the sorting floor to see the recycling process in action.

Note: Open hours are a great way for families to learn about recycling! Have a larger group, like a home daycare? Please fill out a field trip request form to schedule a visit.