Choose to be green this Valentine's Day!

posted 2/13/2019

Choose to be green this Valentine’s Day

Show your loved one AND the planet how much they mean to you with these gift ideas.

As you’re spreading love this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show the planet some love, too. No matter the giving spirit, there’s always a way to be greener when gifting:

  1. Choose local
    1. If you’re cooking a homemade meal, choose ingredients from local sources. If you have plans to dine out, consider a locally owned and operated restaurant. It feels good supporting your local community and often means your meal has local ties too.
  2. Intangible gifts
    1. Give the gift of an experience instead of stuff. Think of a new activity to try or get a manicure or massage. As a bonus, you could relax and enjoy these options together!
  3. Flowers/plants that last
    1. Flowers such as tulip bulbs that can be replanted or plants such as air plants will be around to enjoy much longer than traditional cut flowers.
  4. Chocolate packaging options
    1. Sometimes big boxes aren’t always necessary and there are options that involve less wrapping such as buying loose candies from a specialty shop. Just remember, candy wrappers of all shapes and sizes go in the garbage.
  5. Recyclable gift bags/wrapping paper
    1. Keep recycling in mind when shopping for gift bags and wrapping paper. If it glimmers, shimmers, or shines, it is not recyclable and doesn’t belong in your Curb It! cart. With gift bags, keep them around to use again or when it’s time to recycle them, remove the handles first.

Valentine’s Day can be a special day for you and your loved ones but, this year, show the planet some love too!