Don't Feel Guilty on your Wedding Day

posted 10/10/2018

Try these bouquet options to reduce the environmental footprint of your wedding.

Every bride envisions her perfect wedding complete with beautiful bouquets. But what happens to all those flowers after the big day? For many, the flowers wilt and  are thrown away. If you’re looking to “green” your wedding day, flowers are a great place to start!

Flowers have more of an environmental footprint than you might think. Most wedding bouquets are chock-full of flowers grown with pesticides and fungicides imported in the country by planes emitting greenhouse gases.

No matter the size of your bouquet, there are ways you can reduce the environmental footprint:

  1. Keep it local
    1. By using seasonal flowers native to your location you can cut out transportation all together. You can ask your florist what types of cut flowers are locally grown, or click here to see a list of Midwest wildflowers sprouting up in the fall months.
  2. Opt for artificial flowers
    1. You could cut out the blooming bulbs completely! If you are still wanting vibrant colors and impressive arrangements, artificial flowers could be the way to go. They can also be a better option for weddings in extra hot weather since they won’t wilt!
  3. Responsible Disposal
    1. Domestic flowers are NOT allowed in your Compost It! cart. Instead of tossing the flowers consider donating them to a local nursing home or other group living facility in your area. Residents will enjoy it and you won’t have to feel guilty for putting all that money in the garbage! If you just aren’t ready to let go, there are ways to dry the flowers to keep for years to come. Click here to learn how to dry your own flowers.

Your wedding is your special day and you want it to be beautiful. Help maintain the beauty of the environment too as you make floral selections for your big day.