How to Green Your Halloween

posted 10/9/2019

Halloween is a holiday full of fun and surprises, but unfortunately, it can be a holiday full of waste. Americans spend around $8 million every year on decorations, costumes, and candy JUST for Halloween. But fear not! Finding ways to eliminate waste—and save money—is easier than you might think.

Creative Costuming

DIY costumes are all the rage, and creating costumes out of things you already have around the house is eco-friendly too. Old soda bottles can become air tanks for a scuba diver costume. Electrical tape and a paper plate make a cute stick figure.  Boxes and aluminum foil create a futuristic robot.

If you don’t have time to make a costume from scratch, ask friends and family to see if you can swap old costumes with them. Make sure you hold on to any costumes and accessories after the holiday for younger siblings. In addition, many charities will accept old costumes, so donate them and someone else can use your great costume next year!

Green Tricks and Treats

Instead of buying new plastic Jack-O-Lanterns or other containers for trick-or-treating, go old-school with a colorful pillowcase (it holds more, too)! You can also accessorize your costume with a backpack or old tote bag. The treats you give out can contribute to a better planet too! Try looking for organic or locally-produced goodies to share.

Celebrate in Sustainable Style

Throwing a Halloween party can be easy and green too! Make your own treats instead of purchasing food with unnecessary packaging. Use reusable utensils and plates to avoid throwing out paper or plastic. Rally the kids to make homemade eco-friendly Halloween decorations rather than purchasing them. Want your decorations to look good and do good? Use old milk jugs to make spooky ghosts, or turn toilet paper tubes into creepy eyes. Have fun and save $$.

Carving pumpkins is an essential Halloween tradition. Look for locally grown pumpkins and then plan to grow your own next year! Save your seeds when carving and turn them into a yummy and healthy snack.  Most importantly: compost your pumpkins when the holidays are over through the Compost It! program!

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