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Unclog your Mailbox

Unclog your Mailbox

posted 8/8/2018

Unclog your Mailbox

What is more annoying than an email inbox overflowing with promotional materials? Many have mastered the art of unsubscribing via email, but what happens when these promotional materials are  mailed to your home?

Every year American households are mailed over 19 billion catalogs, according to the National Resources Defense Council. Not only are these catalogs detrimental to the environment, they also add clutter around your house.

The good news is cancelling those unwanted catalogs is easy! Let companies know you don’t want to receive them by simply picking up your phone and calling the customer service number. Websites like will let you enter your information and mass cancel the catalogs currently being mailed to your address.

Still want to receive updates from your favorite brands but want to practice better environmental habits? Try adding yourself to the brand’s email list instead! Most importantly, don’t forget those unwanted catalogs are recyclable in your Curb It! cart.

For more information about safe, smart disposal and recycling options, visit or call 515.244.0021.