Posted on January 10, 2023

Wondering what to expect on a trip to the landfill? We have the inside scoop on ways you can prepare! 

Tip 1: Secure Your Load

Ensure your load is covered before making the trip to the landfill. It’s not only important, it’s the law. To avoid injury and prevent litter, strap large items like appliances, and place a tarp secured with straps, bungee cords, or rope over loose items like yard waste, furniture, or miscellaneous items.

Tip 2: Know Where to Go

Metro Park East Landfill customers range from residents cleaning out their basements to large commercial haulers in big trucks with lots of garbage to offload. Getting the lowdown will help you feel more prepared for your visit and get you in and out safely.

Once you arrive at the landfill, drive over the orange scale, then chat with staff at the drive-up window.  They will help guide you on where to go based on your vehicle and waste type.

  • Small Vehicle Area: If you’re just visiting to drop off some odds and ends in your personal vehicle, it’s likely you’ll be unloading your garbage at the small vehicle area. Here, you can toss your garbage into large containers. Don’t forget to bring your own muscle, as staff is not permitted to assist with unloading.
  • Working Face: Some trucks are directed to the working face, where garbage is actively being buried. To ensure safety, a few guidelines are enforced in this area, such as having big tires and tip trailers, wearing a high visibility vest, and checking in at the spotter station before unloading.

Tip 3: Stay Off Your Phone

On average, 800 vehicles visit Metro Park East Landfill every day. Because it’s such a busy place, it’s vital that each customer is on alert and off their phone.

Tip 4: Explore Your Options

In addition to dropping off garbage, there are lots of other things you can do while at Metro Park East Landfill:

  • Drop Off Recycling: Full Curb It! cart or no curbside service? Bring bulky cardboard, glass, or mixed recycling to the free recycling drop-offs located at the landfill.

  • Drop Off Yard Waste: Yard waste is accepted year-round and turned into Grow Gold Compost, a natural soil enhancer.

  • Purchase Compost: Speaking of compost, you can purchase it in bulk or by the bag! 

For more information on a successful trip to the landfill, check out this in-depth list, or give us a call at 515.244.0021.