Posted on July 06, 2021

This July, we are encouraging Central Iowa residents to join a global movement to ditch plastic and  be part of the solution to plastic pollution.  

All it takes is one trip to the grocery store to notice how much plastic we use in our daily lives. While you’re able to recycle some plastics, such as ones with twist-off lids, many   aren’t recyclable and will end up in the landfill. Metro Park East Landfill, in Polk County, is comprised of almost 18% plastic, and that’s measured by weight!  

While we appreciate residents knowing  recycling guidelines, we’d ultimately love to see less plastic consumption as a whole. That’s where you come in... 

Challenge time... 

Each week for the month of July, try to avoid using the single use plastic in our guide below. If you're ready to seriously take the plunge, try giving up all single-use plastics for the month!  

Week 1: Plastic Bags 

Heading to the store? Pack  reusable bags or opt for paper instead of plastic. If you want to go the extra mile, plan even further ahead and bring reusable produce bags for your fruits and veggies!  

Week 2: Red Solo Cups/Disposable Dishware 

It might be easy cleanup, but plastic disposable dishware and red solo cups aren’t easy on the environment. Take some extra time this week to get your hands dirty and wash dishes instead!  

Week 3: Plastic Water Bottles 

It’s time for an upgrade! Ditch the flimsy plastic water bottle and opt for something more permanent and personal. A water bottle can make a great accessory!  

Week 4: Ziploc Bags 

There’s nothing worse than the graveyard of Ziploc bags in the trash that once held your favorite snack. Instead, mason jars make great containers for all sorts of snacks. Plus, they clean up nicely and have many other uses!  

While you’re ditching single-use plastics this month, let us know how your journey is going! Tag us in your photos or shoot us a message on Facebook!