Posted on December 10, 2020

We’re getting ready for the holidays, and for many of us, that means extra time shopping. Supporting local has been in the forefront for many this year, as local businesses have been impacted by the pandemic. While you’re out and about doing some safe and socially distanced shopping at your favorite local spots, here’s the scoop on all types of shopping bags. 

Plain Paper Bags paper bag

Plain paper bags with no glittery or shimmery details are able to be recycled in your Curb It! cart. Please remember to take the handles off before you toss it in!   

Shimmery or Glittery Bags 

You’ve probably heard us say this for years, but any type of wrapping or packaging that shimmers, glitters, or shines is not accepted in your Curb It! gift bagcart. Pro Tip: Reuse these bags instead! Add a bow or some ribbon to add a little more pizzaz to the bag, then reuse it as a gift bag later. At least that way it goes from single to multi-use!  

Plastic Bags 

You already know the answer for this one – we hope! Plastic bags are NOT accepted in your Curb It! cart. When plastic bags make their way into the curbside recycling, they jam up and damage the equipment at the recycling facility, and can route your recyclables to the trash. If you’re at a store that uses plastic, opt out if you can, consolidating packages in paper.

When you’re ready to wrap, be mindful of what is allowed in Plastic Bagyour Curb It! Cart. If we know that a glittery gift bag and lots of tissue paper aren’t recyclable, consider switching to something simpler, like a plain paper bag or craft paper with a festive print. 

If you want to learn more about what is and isn’t recyclable, visit, or give us a call at 515.244.0021.