Posted on February 24, 2021

Full Curb It! carts are happy Curb It! carts...until they aren’t. While we are glad you’re putting your time and effort into recycling, but when material is sitting next to your Curb It! Cart or keeping the lid from closing, you risk not getting your recycling collected as expected. That’s why we have a variety of recycling drop-offs throughout the metro, so you can drop-it-off when your cart says “no more!” 

Free up some space at a cardboard drop-off 

Online shopping has brought us all more cardboard than we know what to do with. The thing about cardboard is, it doesn’t always fit nicely in our recycling carts. The good news is we have several cardboard drop-off sites throughout Polk and Dallas counties! Not only are our drop-offs a convenient spot for you to ditch your cardboard, it’s also better for the material when we keep it separate.  

Many of our cardboard drop-offs are also open 24/7, which means you can get rid of cardboard whenever the time is right for you!  

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Keep in mind, our drop-offs are emptied six days a week. If the container is full when you get there, please come back another time. Avoid leaving cardboard on the ground. Our staff and your cardboard will thank you; not to mention, it’s littering.  

If you’ve got a little too much of everything 

Imagine a super big Curb It! cart...that's what our mixed recycling drop-offs get you. You can bring anything you’d put in your normal recycling cart; aluminum and tin cans, plastic bottles with twist-off lids, mixed paper, and more!  

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Go above and beyond, keep your glass separate 

While glass is still accepted in your curbside recycling, dropping it off at one of our glass only drop-offs gives the glass a better recycling future. By keeping it separate from the rest of your recyclables, it also keeps things like cardboard and mixed paper from getting tiny pieces of broken glass stuck in the fibers of the material, which depletes the quality of that material.  

While our glass only drop-offs are pretty new, we have a few options in place, with plans to expand to more communities soon.  

Find a location near you!

If you have any questions about what’s recyclable or where an item should go, check us out at or give us a call at 515.244.0021.