Posted on December 01, 2020

Two Options For Glass!

Glass pasta sauce jars and empty pinot noir bottles are accepted for curbside recycling, but you can also drop them off for free!Glass

People are cooking meals at home and having virtual wine nights more now than ever before. Some could blame it on the pandemic, but glass is best when it’s kept at a distance from other recyclables. It can be made into cool items like fiberglass insulation and brand new glass jars/bottles.

Simply bring your glass recyclables to a drop-off location and guide them into the opening of the container. Just make sure they go inside, glass on the ground can become a safety hazard. The glass drop-offs accept glass you’d typically have after cooking or drinking. That’s the clear glass like pickle jars and pesto or colored glass like wine and beer bottles.

Metro Waste Authority wants to help you be a recycling expert. If you’re ever wondering where it should go, call 515.244.0021.