Posted on August 24, 2022

Back to school recycling

Backpacks and lunchboxes are packed and the school year is kicking into gear! This year, worry about those new classes on your schedule, not where popular school items can be disposed. 

Check out our school item guide below to see what can go in the recycling and what belongs in the garbage. 

Homework: Don’t want your parents looking at the grade on this week’s homework? Hide it in your Curb It! cart. Both notebook and printer paper are accepted in the recycling.    

Folders: You hoped to be organized this year, but those folders are already gathering dust in your locker. If you’re looking to toss them, paper folders can go in your Curb It! cart, but plastic folders belong in the garbage.  

Notebooks: Already filled that biology notebook with doodles? If that artwork isn’t fridge-worthy, it can be recycled in your Curb It! cart. Just remove that metal spiral first!  

Kleenex Boxes: You’ve probably gone through a lot of tissues thinking about summer vacation ending. We get it! While those tissues belong in the garbage, the empty Kleenex boxes can be recycled.  

Lunch Sack: Hearing that lunch bell every day is a great feeling. Want to hear something else that’s great? Brown paper lunch sacks can be recycled! When you’ve finished all the great snacks inside, reuse it tomorrow or toss that sack in your Curb It! cart.   

Baggies: Maybe it was full of your favorite snack, or maybe it housed your sandwich. Either way, when it’s empty, plastic bags belong in the garbage.   

Sticky Notes: We know you like to save all the love notes mom sneaks into your lunch, but if you’re stash is getting too big, you can recycle those little notes in your Curb It! cart. Since they may be small, consider sticking to a larger piece of paper and bundling with a junk mail envelope. 

Juice Box:  100% juice? Good news! 100% recyclable! Well...sorta. Just make sure it’s empty and you take the straw out first.   

Have other items that leave you wondering where they belong? Check out our Recycling and Disposal Guide, or call us at 515.244.0021.