Posted on February 10, 2021


As you are spreading the love this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show your driver some love, too! Follow these tips to ensure timely collection of your cart on collection day.  

Know Your Collection Time  

The earlier your cart is out, the better. Make sure to have it out by 6 AM as some haulers like to start before the sun risesSetting your cart out the evening before your collection day is one way to make the cut, just make sure it’s after 5 PM! 

Place it Properly  

When placing your cart at the curb, remember the three-foot rule. There should be three feet between other carts, yard waste bags, and structures (i.e., mailboxes, lawn ornaments, bushes). Make sure to place your cart within 18 inches of the curb, on a level surface, with the lid closed. The short metal bar on the cart should be facing the street.  

Winter Collection Tips  

In the winter months, collection can get messy! Seasonal weather can vary from day to day. Clear a place on your driveway for your cart on snowy days, and clear at least 18 inches around it to allow easy access. Make sure your cart isnon top of a snow mountain, or in the street, as this could be bad news for your driver 

Valentine’s Day is for candy hearts and properly placed cartsRemember to show your driver some love. After all, those empty gift boxes and candy wrappers need to go somewhere!