Posted on June 09, 2021

Whether you're a ham and cheese or a PB&J fan, we can all agree it's the time of year where lunch just tastes better on the go! While we hope you're planning ahead and opting for less of those single use, disposable lunch options, we know sometimes you need to ditch the wrappers when you've finished eating. Click through the stars on our picnic scene below below to see what belongs in the recycling, and what is better left in the trash. 

Chip Bag 

The Cheetos are always the first thing to go, but do you know where that empty bag goes? If you guessed trash, you are right! 

The Empty Ziplock Sandwich Bag 

Maybe it was full of your favorite snack - maybe it housed your sandwich. Either way, when it’s empty, this type of plastic belongs in the trash.  

Pop Cans 

Want to hear something more refreshing than that can of pop you treated yourself to for lunch? Aluminum cans, like these, are recycled and back on the shelf as a new pop can in less than 60 days! 

Paper Boxes 

You’ve read all the fun facts on the back, removed the ‘Box Top’, now what? Just like a full-sized box, these smaller paper ones are also welcomed in your recycling! Just be sure to first toss any empty plastic bags inside in the trash. 

Mom’s Love Note 

We know you like to save all of these, but if you’re stash is getting too big – you can recycle those little notes as well! Just be sure the piece of paper is bigger than a Post-It Note, otherwise you can put them in an envelope and recycle them all together!  

Bottle of Water 

You know the drill. We encourage you to find a reusable water bottle, but in a time crunch – you can drop those plastic ones in your recycling.  


Where else are you going to wipe those Cheeto fingers? Just like the rest of us say ick, so does your recycling cart. Let’s keep the napkins in the trash!  

100% Juice Box 

100% juice? Good news! 100% recyclable! Well...sorta. Just make sure it’s empty and you take the straw out first.  

If your lunch box has other goodies in it that leave you wondering, “where does this go?!”, give us a call at 515.244.0021, or check our recycling guide.