Posted on September 12, 2023


Picking out some mums shouldn’t be the only thing on your fall to-do list. It’s the perfect time to give your lawn some TLC – Tender Loving Compost, that is! Made in Central Iowa from local yard waste, Grow Gold Compost® promotes healthy, lush plant growth without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Since it’s made from materials rich in nitrogen and carbon, it is an all-natural soil enhancement that will add nutrients to your projects and help them retain water before the temps drop. Whether you are needing to establish a new lawn before the ground freezes, or maintain your existing lawn by adding nutrients, we’re sharing a couple recipes from our home to yours:

Establish a New Lawn: Incorporate 1-2 inches of compost to a depth of 6-8 inches into existing soil before seeding or sodding.

Maintain Existing Lawn: Aerate lawn thoroughly in spring and/or fall. Then, to top dress or over-seed, apply 1/4-1/2 inch of compost.

Bagged Grow Gold Compost® is readily available for purchase!