Posted on April 28, 2021

Know What Belongs

Yard waste means small twigs and branches, grass clippings, and garden vegetation….not Fido’s waste! 

Animal waste is not accepted in the Compost It! program and should not be put in Compost It! bags or carts for disposal. When raking leaves or lawn clippings, avoid the steaming divots caused by four-legged friends. Animal waste, instead, should be bagged and put into the regular trash. 

Another thing to leave out of Compost It! carts and bags is food waste. When we say “garden vegetation,” we’re referring to plants that are spent, tomatoes that rot on the vine, or apples that fall from the tree – not last night’s leftovers. 

Finally, plastic. No plastic trash, straps, or bags should be included in Compost it! bags or carts. The only type of bags that should be used for yard waste disposal are kraft paper lawn bags because they break down along with the yard waste material. Just remember, a store-brand bag also needs a green Compost It! sticker. 

If you’re wondering why all this matters, we’re happy to explain! Yard waste collected at the curb is turned into compost. Compost is a nutrient-rich soil enhancer that is created through the natural decomposition of yard waste materials. When the wrong things, like animal or food waste, trash or plastic are included at the beginning, it can cause the end product to be less beneficial. 

Help us do something great with your yard waste by keeping the wrong things out of your bags and carts.