Posted on October 13, 2022

top dressing compost

When fall is upon us, we often think to prune back trees and shrubs, but what about prepping the lawn?

Everyone loves the look of a lush, green lawn. Top dressing with compost is a great way to achieve that! Top dressing, which is the act of spreading a thin layer of compost over the surface of your yard, can help your lawn bounce back with rich color come springtime. Applying a top dressing naturally promotes healthy roots and soil, which encourages grass growth.

Top Dressing 101

For successful top dressing, spread a layer of compost that is ¼” thick across the entire lawn. Then, rake to blend in. A similar effect can be accomplished with a seed spreader that has a hopper. For added benefit, consider aerating your lawn before compost application.

Once finished, your grass won’t be greener…yet. In fact, it might be covered in brown! That’s a good thing. The compost will get absorbed over time and get to work. Once spring arrives, your grass will be better equipped to handle the extra moisture from melting snow, and you will have a lush, green lawn.

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