Posted on March 15, 2021

Slam dunk

It’s basketball season and we have a bracket buster you’ll want to take note on! Now that we’re gearing up for warm weather, we’ve got the playbook to score you extra points with your lawn and garden this spring!

The Player to Watch

The player to watch this season (and every season), is Grow Gold Compost. Grow Gold Compost is the most versatile in the game. Whether it’s establishing new grass, maintaining your current lawn, or taking your flower and vegetable gardens to the next level, this is the player you’ll want leading the charge. Since Grow Gold Compost is made of materials rich in nitrogen and carbon, it’s an all-natural soil enhancement that will add nutrients to your projects and help them retain water. If this player isn’t in your starting line-up you should start recruiting!

Top Stats

#1) Establishing a New Lawn

Grow Gold is impeccable at establishing new play opportunities for your lawn! Before seeding, simply mix one to two inches of compost with the top three to five inches of soil per week. Once seeded, apply half inch of the mixture to the surface of the area per week.

#2) Maintaining Your Current Lawn

When it comes to consistency, this is where Grow Gold Compost shines. If your lawn is just looking to stay on top this year, make sure to maintain it with the proper care. Top it with a quarter inch of compost after aerating, once or twice per year.

#3) Assists Flower + Vegetable Gardens

Not only does Grow Gold Compost shine on its own, it’s also a huge team player. Leading the team in assists, Grow Gold makes sure teammates are taking their game to new heights. A few weeks prior to planting, apply a mixture of one to two inches of compost and three to five inches of soil to your garden.

Get Grow Gold Compost On Your Team

There are three ways you can get your hands on Grow Gold Compost: bulk, bag, or through a retailer.