MM Headshot

Michael McCoy


Michael McCoy is the Executive Director of Metro Waste Authority. McCoy works closely with staff at seven facilities to identify unique solutions for common industry challenges. While his professional and academic experiences have helped shape his vision for the organization, his practical credentials, such as a Landfill Operator certification, have allowed him to provide hands-on leadership for the organization’s operations.

McCoy received his undergraduate degree at Iowa State University and went on to obtain a Master of Science (MSc) in International Development, also from Iowa State.

LI Headshot

Leslie Irlbeck


As the Deputy Director for Metro Waste Authority, Leslie Irlbeck drives strategic initiatives outlined as key priorities by the Board of Directors. Irlbeck has held several positions at Metro Waste Authority including Program and Outreach Coordinator, Public Affairs Manager, and Director of Public Affairs, before taking her stead. Her career experiences from a cross-section of industries, as well as her vast knowledge of landfill operations, communications, and personnel development, provide an anchor for the core infrastructure of the agency.

Irlbeck received her undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa, and went on to obtain a Master of Business Administration from Drake University.