Be a Good Neighbor and Keep Litter Tamed

posted 1/27/2016

Weather… it happens. And in Iowa, it is fair to say that we get and see it all. Windy days in particular create garbage and recycling collection challenges, complete with blowing litter and debris that escape carts. While we can’t control Mother Nature, here are some tips that may help prevent your trash and recycling from blowing away.

Recycling and Trash

  1. Take your cart to the curb the morning of pick-up, rather than the evening before. This will reduce the amount of time your cart is exposed to high wind conditions. Make sure your cart is out by your community’s designated time.
  2. Be sure your lid can close. Trash and recycling items are more susceptible to blowing out of the cart when the lid is not completely shut.
  3. Bring your cart in as soon as possible after collection to reduce the risk of your cart blowing down the street.
  4. Want to be a good neighbor?  If you are home during the day, keep an eye on neighborhood carts and help out if the cart or items in the cart start blowing away in the wind .


  1. If possible, place heavier recyclables toward the top of the cart to weigh down loose papers, however, do not bag your recyclables to keep them from blowing out of the cart. Plastic bags full of recyclables are not accepted in your Curb It! cart because they damage recycling facility equipment and prevent materials for getting properly sorted.
  2. If your recycling cart is only partially full, consider waiting until your next collection to place it at the curb.


  1. Bag all your trash before placing it in the bin. This is especially important for small, lightweight items like Styrofoam packing peanuts.
  2. Compact the trash – if you have loose items, place bagged trash on top of them to prevent them from blowing out of the cart.

The bottom line is this – when it comes to garbage and recycling collection on a windy day, it only takes a little extra time to reduce blowing litter. Your neighbors, as well as your hauler, will appreciate it.

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