Go Beyond Your Curb!

posted 9/20/2017
Waste. It's something we all make, but not something we usually think about after it's tossed. Register for a Recycling Facility Tour or a Landfill Tour and discover what happens after it leaves your curb! ... more

How Many Times Can You Recycle That?

posted 9/6/2017
Some materials can be recycled infinitely. Others only make it through the process once before heading to the landfill. So, what about the plastic, paper, metal and glass items we use every day? Many are "recycled down" or turned into something very different from the original item. ... more

Bright Idea: Learn to Safely Dispose of Light Bulbs

posted 8/28/2017
Sometimes it seems like there's too many types of lightbulbs to keep track. Metro Waste Authority has the information to help you keep them all straight! CFLs, or compact fluorescent bulbs, contain hazardous material and belong at a hazardous disposal site to be safely recycled. ... more

Recycle This! Not That!

posted 8/23/2017
Many things are recyclable in your curbside recycling cart, but not everything. Review the recycling guidelines and help keep curbside recycling successfull and sustainable. ... more

What is Compostable?

posted 8/9/2017
With many products marketed as "biodegradable" or even "compostable", you can be reaching to put them in your Compost It! bag, but not all items belong there! We're clearing up what can be composted through MWA's program. ... more