No curbside collection on Thanksgiving, Nov. 23. Collection is delayed one day for the remainder of the week with Friday collection on Saturday. 
For MWA facility holiday hours, click here.


Some Things DON'T Go in the Garbage

posted 12/28/2016
Some things just don't belong in the garbage. Find out how to properly and safely dispose of wet paint, appliances and other items not suited for the regular trash. ... more

Keeping Your Garbage Contained

posted 7/13/2016
Every homeowner knows weather can wreak havoc on their property, but do you remember your garbage and recycling cart at the curb when Mother Nature strikes? Although recyclables are best kept loose, garbage is best when it's bagged to keep it from flying around your block in the wind! ... more

Too Much Trash This Week?

posted 3/30/2016

Sometimes spring cleaning creates more trash than your cart can hold. Find out what to do with all the extra.

... more

The Weather: How it Affects the Landfill

posted 1/20/2016

Many factors affect the operations of the landfill, but few have more impact than the weather. Just like the weather has a tremendous effect on our daily lives, it has some of the very same influences on the operations at a landfill.

... more

Metro Waste Authority Adds a Second Transfer Station

posted 12/2/2015

In order to meet the needs of a growing population in the western suburbs, MWA has added a second transfer station to help manage the Metro's solid waste.

... more