After Flood Clean Up

posted 7/3/2018

After the recent flooding throughout the metro, many residents have damaged items to get rid of.

For curbside pickup, residents can utilize extra trash or large item stickers. Stickers are sold at many locations throughout the metro but it’s important to get the right sticker for your community.

Extra trash stickers are $1 and can be used for bags or boxes of trash that weigh less than 30 pounds.

Large item stickers are $5 each. The bigger the item you want picked up, the more stickers you need to apply. Consider these common items you may need to dispose of:

  • 5 carpet rolls (cut to 4 foot length x 18 inch diameter) = $5
  • Couch or love seat = $5
  • Desk = $5
  • Queen/king mattress = $10
  • Queen/king box springs = $10

Appliances and televisions may require additional stickers or special instructions. Call your garbage hauler for more information.