Keeping Your Garbage Contained

posted 7/13/2016

You already know to keep your recyclables loose in your Curb It! cart, but your garbage works the opposite! Bagging your garbage is the best way to keep your trash contained and off the streets. There are a few ways you can ensure your garbage gets picked up swiftly, leaving the streets tidy week after week.

  • BAG your TRASH. It’s a lot easier for the wind to blow loose garbage than a tied off bag. Bagging your trash prevents litter and ensures all of your garbage goes straight from the cart into the truck, without littering the neighborhood.
  • Make sure the lid is closed. An open lid can cause garbage to fall out or blow around. An overflowing cart may also prevent your garbage from being collected.
  • Give your cart some space. Garbage trucks need some room around your cart to make sure it can be picked up. Keep three feet between your cart and other objects (including recycling carts and yard waste bags) and keep it within 18 inches of the curb. In addition, keep the metal bar facing the street.

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