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Birds Eye View of Metro Park East Landfill

posted 9/11/2019



“Surprisingly interesting those are common words muttered when a person leaves the bus after a landfill tour. As landfill professionals we understand garbage isn’t the most common topic to converse about at the dinner table. Our tours tend to change that!  


Metro Waste Authority has a rich 50-year history with Polk County and is nationally known for being the first regional government agency of its kind. We’re excited to share our purpose with any central Iowans who are curious to know a little more information about what happens to the garbage they create.  


After a visit to our landfill in Polk Countypeople are prepared and excited to share tidbits about the waste that they create. All tour alumni are armed with the following information to wow their friends. 


  • Who is Metro Waste Authority, and what makes us different? 

  1. How do we keep the environment safe while disposing of your waste? 

  1. How Metro Waste Authority is a leader in the waste industry? 

  1. What else does Metro Waste Authority do besides run the landfill?

  1. What are future challenges in the waste industry?


We’re more than a landfill. We are an environmental agency that is proud to lead the industry in safe waste disposal practices. A tour of the landfill will help you feel great about long-term plans for waste in the region. 


The tours are recommended for ages seven and older, and it’s perfect for lifelong learners who want to know more about the unique history of Polk County. Our public landfill tours are October 24 and 25. Are you interested in a tour? >>MORE INFORMATION