The Easiest Way to Say Goodbye

posted 12/27/2017

The holidays. A time filled with family, awesome cooking and new gadgets! It’s all fun and games until it comes to dispose of old household items that have officially been replaced. Metro Waste Authority wants to make sure it’s easy to properly dispose of any items that cannot fit in your garbage cart nor be donated.

The most convenient way to get rid of large items is to have them picked up from your curb.  But if it doesn’t fit in the garbage cart, Large Item and Extra Trash stickers make sure they get from your front yard to the landfill.

What Stickers Do I Buy & How Many?

Where you live determines what sticker(s) you need to buy. Large Item stickers are $5, and Extra Trash stickers are $1. The item(s) you get rid of determine how many stickers you need to purchase. Learn the details to these questions and more.

Stickers are sold at the customer service departments of many local grocery stores and at your local city hall.

Did you know?

Items disposed of at the curb through the Large & Extra Item Sticker Program are picked up by a garbage hauler and go to the landfill. The only exception is appliances. They do not wind up in the landfill, but instead make their way to a company that deconstructs them, recycles the valuable material, and properly disposes of the hazardous material. For this reason, appliances aren’t treated like your regular garbage and require more stickers.

For more information about safe, smart disposal and recycling options, visit or call 515.244.0021.