Get In the Loop

posted 4/10/2019

Get In-the-Loop!

We invite you to get In-the-Loop at our Central Office, located in East Village Des Moines.

During Earth Month in April, a new public art feature was be unveiled for all to enjoy. The sculpture, titled In-the-Loop, is made of recycled metals sourced from Metro Park East Landfill and salvage yards. In-the-Loop reflects Metro Waste Authority’s mission of no wasted resources. What some once discarded as trash has now been repurposed as a beautiful public art piece.

This is Metro Waste Authority’s second contribution of public art to the area. Many recognize the three-story environmental mural located at the agency’s headquarters completed in 2013.

Known for his innovative design work throughout the world, Artist and Urban Designer Dennis Reynolds was commissioned to create the piece. It needed to be aesthetically pleasing to attract foot traffic to the East Village and operate as a gate. Reynolds envisioned In-the-Loop, a functional gateway with moveable pieces that invites viewers to touch and modify the art experience.

With its circular forms created with repurposed materials, In-the-Loop reflects the cyclical loops of sustainable practices. The moveable wheels invite you to pause, interact with the art piece and perhaps take a unique selfie. #NoWastedResources!

In-the-Loop is 60 feet long and weighs approximately 2,500 lbs. The intricate design and colorful patterns will challenge your perception of trash, stop by to get In-the-Loop!