National Trails Day!

posted 5/23/2019

National Trails Day is next Saturday, and there are so many ways to celebrate! You could go outside for a hike down a traditional trail, or you could take a kayak down a water trail in Polk County!

No matter what you do, we encourage you to take a bag and pick up trash along the trails as you go. Litter is unsightly and causes pollution, often ending up in waterways. If you’re passionate about waterways, Metro Waste Authority has a program for you!

Adopt A Stream is a program championed by Metro Waste Authority since 2012. Partnering with cities and Polk County, hundreds of volunteers all over the metro have pledged to keep over 50 miles of streams clean for the next two years.

That’s awesome but we still need your help! We are shooting to reach our goal of 80 streams in Polk County, so plenty more are up for adoption.

Check out our stream map and see if you can help on any stretches of water that still need adopted. We provide all of the cleanup supplies at no charge to Adopt a Stream teams. We’d love to see you out on the (water) trails! >>LEARN MORE