The Next 50 Years

The Next 50 Years

posted 1/8/2020

Fifty years ago, metro communities came together with the vision of creating one agency to operate a sanitary landfill for Polk County. 


Today, that agency is thriving and growing to meet the evolving needs of the metro. 


As the region grows, so do the needs of residents for programs and services that provide options for safe, smart disposal and recycling.  


Metro Waste Authority offers options for recycling everyday items like plastics and aluminum, as well as hazardous waste such as motor oil and garden chemicals. Yard waste is recycled into a natural soil enhancer and methane gas is trapped for electricity. In times when the region has struggled to find a solution, this agency has been called upon by the communities that formed us to meet the challenge, and we have answered. 


The most visible example on the horizon will be the opening of a Metro Waste Authority owned and operated material recovery facility. This endeavor will do for recycling what the formation of the landfill did 50 years ago for garbage 


Recycling is here to stay in central Iowa, it’s the right thing to do for the environment as well prolonging the life of the landfill. As a government agency, Metro Waste Authority’s Board of Directors is committed to serving the best interest of the metro, as well as the environment, for the long haul. 


The future is a bright one for the metro, due to the work of many and the foresight of Metro Waste Authority’s founding leaders who came together 50 years ago.