Posted on July 28, 2021

Are you wondering what to do with old or unwanted appliances?  

You have a couple simple options for disposing of appliances like a deep freeze, refrigerator, kitchen range, air conditioner, dehumidifier, water heater, furnace, washer/dryer, microwave, and more! 

Option 1: Self-Haul It 

You can load your appliance up and take it to Metro Park East Landfill in Mitchellville. If your appliance is smaller, such as a microwave or dehumidifier, you can also take it to Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off in Bondurant. When you self-haul your appliance, it can be recycled for $15 at either location.   

Option 2: Get It Picked Up 

To get your appliance picked up at your curb, you can purchase seven large item stickers and call us to schedule collection.  

Large item stickers are available on our website or at the customer service departments of many local retailers. Just make sure to purchase the orange ones! 

What Happens Next?  

Once your appliance is dropped off or collected at the curb, it is taken to our new appliance demanufacturing building at Metro Park East Landfill.  

There, certified staff rid the appliance of hazardous materials, like refrigerant, mercury, and oil. Then, the items are broken down into scrap metals and plastics, which are recycled or sold for repurposing.  

This process not only ensures proper disposal of all types of hazardous waste, but it also completely diverts the appliance and all its components from the landfill.    

Since the appliance demanufacturing program began in November 2020, we have helped residents recycle more than 3,200 appliances and more than 200 tons of scrap metal!  

If you have questions about your appliance disposal, give us a call at 515.244.0021.