Memorial Day Collection Delay
Garbage, recycling, and yard waste will not be collected on Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day. Regular collection will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week, with Friday collection occurring on Saturday. Learn More >>

General Rules & Policies

To ensure the safety of customers and employees, we ask visitors to observe the following rules and policies at our facilities.


Secured Loads

To reduce litter and prevent accidents and injury, Metro Waste Authority requires all waste/recyclables delivered to our facilities be fully secured, enclosed and/or covered (preferably tarped), so loose materials cannot fall or be blown from the vehicle. 

Any vehicle arriving at a Metro Waste Authority facility with unsecured loads will be charged a violation fee in addition to the regular disposal and recycling rates. 

  • Large vehicles (more than 25,000 lbs.)             $100
  • Small vehicles (less than 25,000 lbs.)                 $25

Securing the Load Properly 

Rope, cord, twine, bungee cords or tie downs are acceptable alternatives to tarping for loads consisting of large, bulky items (appliances, sofas, etc.) The Scale House staff may need to make a determination regarding whether a load is adequately secured.

Commercial Vehicles

  • Rear-load trucks do not require tarping of the hopper if the hauler has extended the blade to completely cover the waste and if no waste is transported in the hopper.
  • Front-load trucks do not require tarping of the receiving hopper if an alternate material (i.e., metal) is used to totally enclose the opening. An attached front-load bin does not require tarping if there is no waste in the bin.
  • Roll-off container loads must be secured. Most haulers have automated tarping devices. A tarp must be used for all open-top, roll-off containers. Enclosed roll-off compactor containers require a tarp or other material to be used on the opening.