International Compost Awareness Week

posted 4/22/2020

We’ve all been gearing up for yard waste collection season, making sure Compost It! carts get their renewal sticker or having a fresh stack of Compost It! bags. There’s some normalcy found in the process that can be appreciated. But what happens to your yard waste once it leaves the curb?

Yard waste has its own special area, a nine-acre compost pad, at Metro Park East Landfill in Mitchellville. It is made up of a combination of accepted yard waste materials rich in nitrogen (the green stuff like grass clippings) and carbon (the brown stuff like dried leaves and twigs). The compost pad is where yard waste gets turned and maintained for nine to twelve months as it decomposes and transforms into Grow Gold Compost.

Finished compost is screened to 1/2 inch or less and is tested for quality through the U.S. Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program. Grow Gold Compost is an all-natural soil enhancer that will add nutrients to your projects and help them retain water. This means you can spend more time watching your garden bloom, and less time watering and using chemical fertilizer.

Join us on Facebook May 3-9 to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week and learn the various ways to incorporate Grow Gold Compost into your lawn and garden projects!