Clean It Up

Now that you've gotten your stream adopted, you'll want to get started planning your cleanup. We encourage teams to take advantage of the resources we offer:

1. Tell Us Your Cleanup Date

Using our online form, let us know the time, date and where volunteers can meet up. It's also good to have a rain date scheduled ahead of time. If you want, we'll post it on the website and promote it through social media.

2. Use Our Planning Checklist

Our Planning Checklist provides key aspects your team needs to plan for ahead of time. It was drafted for a large-scale event, but it gives you a good idea of things you want to prepare for as you plan. You can plan a small cleanup in less then a month or even two weeks.

3. Reserve Cleanup Supplies

Through Metro Waste Authority, you can reserve litter grabbers and other cleanup supplies at the Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off in Bondurant. Use this Reservation Form to reserve your supplies today.

Only need garbage bags? Email and you can pick them up at the Metro Waste Authority's Central OfficeCity Support: Some local cities also offer cleanup supplies, which might be more convenient for your team. Check with us for your city contact, if you don't have one already.

4. Notify Media

Not every team may want publicity, but use this sample template to publicize your event to local or metro media outlets. If your team is a company team, it demonstrates your commitment to the community and the environment. It's also a great way to recruit volunteers.

5. Safety Form & Liability Waiver

When you signed your adoption papers, you also agreed to have all volunteers sign the Safety Form & Liablity Waiver for each cleanup. This protects the planners and Adopt A Stream. Once you have them all signed, send them to us for the program's records.

6. Safety Guidelines

Plan to go over these Safety Guidelines the day of your cleanup to ensure everyone goes home in the same condition as they arrived.

7. Submit Your Cleanup Results

Use this online form to share the success of the cleanup. This includes tracking how many trash bags or dumpsters you filled, any additional items you found such as tires, bicycles, drums or other larger items, and an approximate weight of the trash collected.  Don't worry if you don't know the weight. NOTE: We provide the cleanup results to the Iowa DNR on an annual basis for this program.

8. Email & Post Photos

Email us photos directly and we'll post them on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you use Instagram, be sure to use #cleanwaterdm and your photos also appear on our Facebook page.

9. Volunteer Feedback

Use our online form to gather feedback from your event. We can export the data and pass it onto you to improve your next cleanup event.