Public Art

Using Art to Share an Environmental Message

Metro Waste Authority has demonstrated a strong commitment to the revitalization of Des Moines’ Eastern Gateway. First choosing to lease space for our headquarters in the 1990’s to building a contemporary, mixed-use office building that helped spur economic growth in the early 2000’s; we have a history of investing in the vitality of the East Village.

No Action Too Small

This mural art was commissioned to inspire through its abstract child-like drawings and to educate the public on recycling and protecting the earth. Artist Chris Vance completed the three-story image in two weeks, using recycled paint collected at Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off.


Made from discarded metal found at Metro Park East Landfill and local scrap yards, the sculpture challenges a person’s perception of “trash” and reflects the cyclical loops of sustainable practices. Artist and Urban Designer Dennis Reynolds was commissioned to create a piece to reflect our vision of no wasted resources.