Metro Park East Landfill

  • Scale House

    Scale House

    As you pull onto the scale, you'll speak with one of our staff members in the Scale House. They help direct you to the right area for what you are bringing: trash, yard waste, recyclables and more.

    Review the When You Arrive section to plan for your visit.

  • Driving Onto the Scale

    Driving Onto the Scale

    When you arrive at the Metro Park East Landfill, you'll most likely take Scale 1, the far left lane. The other scale is for the commercial haulers collecting residential and business garbage.

  • Trash Drop-Off Area

    Trash Drop-Off Area

    Metro Park East makes is easy for your truck, van or small vehicle to unload with its Trash Drop-Off area. You can back your vehicle up to a dumpster and unload with minimal lifting.

  • Landfill Cell Construction

    Landfill Cell Construction

    The landfill has several "cells" that have been built, filled with compacted trash and closed (sealed for environmental protection). This is the construction stage, where a large area has been dug out. Two feet of compacted clay soil line the bottom and sides. In the background of the picture is the composite liner.

  • Landfill's Working Face

    Landfill's Working Face

    This area is unviewed by most and is called the "working face." This is where the commercial haulers and roll-off vehicles unload garbage. When you unload in the Trash Drop-Off area, it eventually is compacted here to ensure air space is maximized. The working face is covered at the end of each day with six inches of soil or other material to control odor and litter. Learn more.

  • Litter Vacuum Truck

    Litter Vacuum Truck

    As you drive down University or Highway 163, you might see this Litter Vacuum truck sucking up the litter that has flown out of trucks on their way to the landfill. All vehicles are required to secure the trash they are bringing to the landfill to prevent littering. However, it still occurs and this is one measure Metro Waste Authority takes to keep the roadways litter-free.

Location | Map

12181 University Avenue NE
Mitchellville, Iowa 50169


Located 10 miles east of the Iowa State Fairgrounds on Highway 163 (NE University Avenue) or five miles east of S.E. Polk High School.




First time visiting? Visit our Rates & Payment and learn what you dispose and recycle at this location. Also visit our When You Arrive to get you to the right drop-off area.

Monday to Friday

6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


November to March
8 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

April to October
7 a.m. to 2 p.m.



Holiday Hours

Closed on major holidays. 
View Holiday Hours & Closings.

All customers must be off premises 30 minutes after closing time. If not, they will be subject to a $35 charge.