Are Plastic Bags Taking Over Your House? Join the Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap

posted 3/22/2017
Have we got a deal for YOU! As part of our ongoing Bring Your Own Bag campaign, Metro Waste Authority has launched the Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap to communities and residents of the Des Moines Metro. ... more

Four "Non-Basic" Items to Keep OUT of Your Recycling Cart

posted 2/1/2017
Recycle only basic materials and keep the rest out. Here are four non-basic items to keep OUT of your recycling cart. ... more

Getting Rid of Old Gadgets

posted 1/11/2017
Electronics don't go in your curbside recycling cart and should be kept out of the regular trash too. Learn five ways to get rid of old gadgets safely. ... more

Are You Naughty or NIce? Curbside Recycling Tips

posted 12/21/2016
Stay on the "Nice List" this holiday season. Know what seasonal items to recycle and what to keep out of your curbside recycling cart. ... more

The Economics of Recycling

posted 11/30/2016
Why are some items recyclable, but others are not? Explore the economics behind recycling to learn why every type of plastic doesn't belong in your recycling cart. ... more