Garbage, recycling and yard waste collection WILL NOT be delayed for the President's Day holiday. MWA facilities open regular hours.

Yard Waste

Achieve Top-Notch Landscaping with Turf Gold Compost

posted 1/25/2017
The best way to achieve healthy and beautiful outdoor projects this spring is with Turf Gold Compost. This all-natural soil amendment is made right here in the Metro area with your yard waste! ... more

Help! I Still Have Bags of Yard Waste

posted 12/7/2016
Winter Collection through the Compost It! program is Jan. 2 through Jan. 13, 2017. Trees and other yard waste are removed from the curb on your regular collection day. Review three easy steps to prepare your live tree for curbside pickup. ... more

Bags. Stickers or Both?

posted 9/28/2016
Before you rake and prune this fall, make sure you are using the right bags and stickers for curbside disposal. Use a Compost It! brand bag or attach green Compost It! stickers to store brand bags and brush bundles. Learn where to purchase bags & stickers, and what material is accepted. ... more

Compost THIS, Not THAT

posted 6/15/2016
A quick review of what is accepted and not accepted in your yard waste bags or cart. ... more

Lawn Looking Puny? Give it a Boost with Turf Gold Compost

posted 3/23/2016

Spring is a great time to jumpstart your lawn with Turf Gold Compost. It improves soil quality and helps establish better growing conditions for your grass.

... more