Fridge Clean Out Day!

posted 11/13/2019

If you've started to panic after reading that sentence, don't fret. On November 15, many others will be joining in the same plight, on National Fridge Clean Out Day. 

As you find expired jars of pickles, and interesting science experiments way at the back, we have some tips to help you properly dispose of the containers. 

Tin and aluminum: when a soda has lost its fizz or that leftover pizza sauce has morphed into a shade of brown, clean our the contents and give the can a quick rinse before tossing it in the recycling. 

Plastic bottles: if your mayo has congealed to a solid or you just can't get one more drop out of your chocolate syrup, give the bottles a quick rinse, then attach the lid and toss it in the recycling. 

Food boxes: if you found pie crust from last year at the back, you should probably toss that out. Just remember, the outer box can be flattened and put in the recycling. 

Paper cartons: these are the containers broth and heavy qhipping cream come in. After a quick rinse, toss them in the recycling. 

Glass jars: after emptying the contents and a quick rinse, these can go in the recycling. For an even better outcome, bring them to our facility in Grimes to give your glass a more impactful recycling future. 

Just make sure all food and liquid are out of containers before putting them in the recycling. 

If you're still wondering where it goes, check out our recycling guide or call us at 515.244.0021.