New Recycling Calendar Coming in the Mail

posted 6/24/2020

Stay on schedule with your new Curb It! recycling calendar.

If you have a green Curb It! recycling cart, the calendar on the lid of your cart expires in 2020. Watch your mail closely the rest of this month, a new calendar will be mailed to each Curb It! customer. When it arrives, be sure to clean the lid surface before adhering the new sticker.

In the same envelope, you’ll receive a sticker outlining what’s accepted and not accepted in your recycling cart. We recommend that you also apply it to the lid of your cart for ongoing reference. A successful and sustainable recycling program is dependent on people recycling the right items.

For more information, call 515.244.0021.

*If you are a resident of the City of Des Moines and have a blue recycling cart, you will not receive the mailing. For more information, call Des Moines Public Works at (515) 283-4950.