Adopt A Stream

Adopt a Stream connects us directly to our streams - so we can clean them, enjoy them and celebrate the improvements in our water quality and soil erosion over time. As we become ever better water and soil stewards, we'll see improvements in the health of our lands and people. 

Make Your Positive Impact

Anyone can adopt! Individuals, families, businesses and community groups can adopt a portion of a river, creek or stream and organize cleanups to help our waterways stay free of litter and other contaminants. 
This website offers an overview of the Adopt a Stream program and the tools and resources you need to get involved.

GO Adopt A Stream Challenge 

We need your help to create a safer, healthier place for people and wildlife, as well as contribute to improved water quality. Currently, a little more than 40 miles of local waterways have been adopted through the Adopt A Stream program. We're challenging ourselves - and you - to help double that number for a total of 80 miles!  

How It Works - Adopt a section of a local river or stream and organize an annual cleanup to ensure it stays free of litter and other contaminants. Start now by locating a stream in need of adoption. View stream map.