Get Started

You've made a commitment! Now what? Just follow this three step process to become an Adopt A Stream group.

1. Form a team

Since it can take several months to organize a cleanup, it is best to start with a core group with capabilities and dedication to make it happen. Teams can be formed through your workplace, neighborhood, schools, church, civic organizations or other existing groups. Family and friends are another source. This core group should be able to meet on a monthly basis to make plans for the event. Volunteers to help the day the event can be recruited during planning.

2. Adopt a Stream

Select a Stream you want to adopt from the available streams. Nearly every stream in the Greater Des Moines area could benefit from your efforts. For guidance on how to select a stream, click here. Once you've selected identified the stream, you are ready to adopt it. Complete the adoption papers to give us the information we need to help you begin planning your event, building your team of volunteers and securing supplies. If your stream does not have a name, your team can give it one. Click here to find out how.

3. Plan the Event

Planning the cleanup and building your team of volunteers can take time depending on the size of your group. Visit our Clean It Up section to move onto the next steps.