Accepted & Not Accepted

  • Aluminum Foil & Pans Don't Shred Like Cans

    Aluminum Foil & Pans Don't Shred Like Cans

    Aluminum cans shred nicely when reprocessed because they are inflexible. However, bendable aluminum foil and pans get stuck on the blades and gunk up the machines. For now, foil goes in the garbage.

  • Pizza Boxes are a No-Go Due to Food Residue

    Pizza Boxes are a No-Go Due to Food Residue

    The cardboard used for pizza boxes is recyclable, but the food residue makes a non-recyclable material. If half the box is free of grease and cheese, then you can tear it in half and recycle the grease free portion.

    Learn more about delivery, takeout and frozen pizza boxes.

  • Plastic Bags Damage Equipment

    Plastic Bags Damage Equipment

    Plastic bags are not accepted because they wrap around the sorting machinery - damaging equipment. Most local grocery stores have receptacles to collect plastic bags and recycle them through a different process. Learn more about how to recycle plastic bags.

  • Contain Shredded Paper in Paper Sack or Box

    Contain Shredded Paper in Paper Sack or Box

    Shredded paper must be contained in a sealed paper sack or cardboard box; otherwise, the pieces fall through the cracks of the sorting machinery, end up on the floor and then head to the landfill. You can seal paper sacks and boxes with tape or staples.

    Learn other local options for recycling confidential documents.

  • Hazardous Plastic Containers

    Hazardous Plastic Containers

    Many hazardous waste containers have twist-off caps, but they can't be recycled in the Curb It! program due to the hazardous material they once contained. Take them to the Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off - half full or empty.

Cardboard & Boxes
Shredded Paper (contained)
Food & Beverage Cartons (no caps)
Glass Jars & Bottles
Aluminum & Tin Cans
Plastic Containers with Twist-Off Tops (empty and twist back on)

Yogurt & Margarine Tubs (no lids)
Empty Aerosol Cans
Not Accepted
Plastic Bags
Pizza Boxes
Glass Dishes
Aluminum Pans & Foil
Plastic Storage Containers
 Hazardous Waste
Garbage & Yard Waste

What Makes It Recyclable?

There are two things that make something recyclable:

  1. A manufacturer has a demand for the product and the ability to reuse it.
  2. The recycling sorting facility has a process to separate the material from the others.

When these factors align, residents can recycle the product in their Curb It! carts. Metro Waste Authority works continually with its partners to determine if new materials can be included in the program. Other communities around the U.S. have different products that are accepted and not accepted based on the factors above.

Recycling Guidelines

The local recycling guidelines are listed below. The rules at home also apply at work. You can download a flyer to post at home or work.

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